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Taking every thought captive, Jr. edition

I vividly remember having some serious emotional breakdowns around kindergarten and first grade. We’re talking, sobbing suddenly and uncontrollably at the water fountain for reasons that are hard to explain. It’s no wonder I married a mental health professional. We joke about my childhood emotional instability, but watching my six year old struggle to hold on to any kind of rationale when strong emotions are swirling and bubbling out of control inside of him is no laughing matter. Lately he has fallen apart over quite a variety of things, most fairly inconsequential. Somehow, when my son is losing it over things like slight frustration with his shoes, or not getting to play the game he wanted, or running into a tiny bit of difficulty with his math, any shred of patience and perspective seems to vanish from his mother, too. Once again, I am thankful I married NP. NP and I have been talking a lot recently about examining our thoughts and feelings, accepting (aka, not living in denial!) …

A call to die

‘When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die.’ – Deitrich Bonhoeffer I’ve had some interesting conversations with people I love this week. Conversations about trusting God when He is pulling us far from what is comfortable, far from what is safe. Following Jesus isn’t safe. It’s worth it, it’s the only way we find real life, but He calls us to die along the way. Following Jesus is a call to individuals who were dead in their sins to come, die with Christ and live through Him, and continue to put to death the remnants of the old self. We were created by Him and purchased by Him – this life isn’t ours to live. Following Jesus isn’t safe. It’s worth it, but He calls us to die along the way. CLICK TO TWEET Last week we received our foster care license in the mail. A piece of paper that says we are approved by the county to have our hearts broken. We are hoping to foster to adopt, and the idea of adding another child to our family is exciting (albeit overwhelming). I’m looking forward …