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Safer in His arms

Two and a half weeks ago we got the call – our first foster baby. For a little over two weeks we have been transported back in to the land of new-baby-dom, full of a variety of pacifiers (why are there so many? After eight years of mothering that Babies R Us pacifier wall still mystifies me), bottles, diapers, lost sleep, and snuggles. And we have completely and totally fallen in love with this little guy. But he is not ours. It was easier to say it before he was placed with us, but he really isn’t ours. This weekend I met with dear friends over Bibles opened to the book of Exodus and we talked about Jochebed, Moses’ mother. God’s timing was not coincidental for me to ponder this crazy-sounding act of faith – crazy faith that causes a mother to hide her baby from a blood-thirsty Pharaoh, and then carefully lay that sweet little one in a basket and float him down the Nile river. I mean really… that sounds insane. But it’s not crazy at all. God keeps bringing me back to this truth – sw…