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Dear baby, with love - from one of your mamas.

Dear baby M-

You had your two month doctor appointment today. You did so well, of course - you are just about the sweetest baby ever. Mama was so proud of you.

We both were, we moms.

You see, your real mom came with us today. She asked what she should refer to me as, what we call ourselves at home. It was hard to tell her we usually call ourselves Mommy and Daddy. It's what's most natural, what we've done with all of our babies. She didn't seem to mind; it made me want to cry to hear your mom call me Mom, and then call herself Mom, too.

You are doubly loved. Two mamas who love you so much.

I've gone to lots of pediatrician appointments over the past ten years, including six different two-month appointments. This one was unique, and it will always stand out in my memory. At this appointment, I wasn't sure who should carry your seat. Who should get you undressed. Who should pick you up when you cried. I'm not your real mama, and yet I am.

I'm the one who can an…

Follow me, as I follow Christ

The owner of these cute little toes recently turned ten.

Somehow an entire decade has passed. A decade of diapers, milestones, crayons, bandaids, tears, time outs, babydolls, zoo trips, library visits, hikes, snuggles, and discoveries.

My little girl isn't quite so little anymore. We gave her clothes for her birthday and she was thrilled. Times have changed.

As much as my mama-heart feels nostalgic and a little sad to see her stretching up tall and looking less like a child, I am thankful. She is growing in her understanding of the world. She is growing in her own abilities. She is growing in love for others. She is growing in her love for Jesus.

She is my biological child, but my greatest privilege and blessing has been mothering her spiritually. John says it well, speaking of his spiritual children - there is no greater joy.

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." 3 John 1:4In the past week we have opened a new chapter in our spiritua…