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How dare we play at church?

He is not dead- He is alive, just as He said! Jesus walked out of His tomb with a real, flesh and blood body. So what?
"Since the Bible teaches us that Jesus ascended in a body and will return in a body and that Jesus now reigns in a body, it's fair to infer that real children are sitting in a real lap (providing hope to those who have lost young ones). Shamed and hurting men receive an affirming, masculine hug. Women formerly abused, neglected, or forsaken have their cheeks touched with a selfless, nurturing, 100 percent pure hand.
What is happening there - and it IS happening there, even as you read these words - can also, in a less perfect way, happen here through us, Christ's representatives. With such a possibility before us, how dare we simply play at church?"
-Gary Thomas, The Beautiful Fight