Jesus is King

This post is part of a month-long series reflecting on truths of Who God is through the alphabet and what those truths mean to us in the midst of our foster care journey. You can find the whole series here

Last night I gathered with friends in our living room, continuing a journey together through the book of Acts. I geeked out for a while about the Roman Empire as we discussed Paul’s appeal to Caesar and the dynamics of politics in the empire... #homeschoolnerdmomalert.
Thinking through how PERFECT God’s timing was for Jesus’ coming amazes me. At just the right time- with Pax Romana allowing unprecedented stability, with a ruling government that actually instituted crucifixion, with a common language, a renowned system of roads, comparative safety on the Mediterranean - the timing was precise for the coming of the Savior and the explosion of the gospel around the known world. Not one detail was out of His hands.
We serve a God who sets up and takes down kings. He is the King of kings. Throughout history we see His sovereign hand. Our God put a young man who had been sold into slavery, falsely accused, and forgotten in prison in position as second in command in Egypt, the world power of his day. Our God brought Nebuchadnezzar, the fear of the ancient world, literally to his knees in humility before Him.
That is our God. No power of hell or scheme of man could ever pluck me from His hand.
Sometimes we can feel so powerless - but God is in control. Truly. No governmental system, no judge, no worker, no broken family, is beyond His sovereign reign and rule. Does His plan always unfold in the neat and tidy way we wish for? No. Joseph was thrown in the dungeon, Daniel to lions, Shadrach and friends into a blazing furnace. But He was with them. He was still King. He was still trustworthy. He was still in control.
He is not safe. But He is good. He’s the King, I tell you.

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