The Lord is my Shepherd

This post is part of a month-long series reflecting on truths of Who God is through the alphabet and what those truths mean to us in the midst of our foster care journey. You can find the whole series here
I’m convinced God created sheep for the sole purpose of showing us what we are like. He explicitly tells us we are like sheep, that He is the Good Shepherd.

Sheep are not smart animals. They are incredibly vulnerable and dependent. They cannot survive on their own. Today I drove past a farm and saw a little lamb perched on the end of a log, looking scared and unsure how to get down. I feel you, fluffy friend- my heart identifies with you on multiple levels.

Yet shepherds often have a deep affection for the sheep they care for. These helpless creatures form a relational bond.

How comforting it is that God is our Good Shepherd. That He sees us in our need. That He inexplicably loves us so deeply. That He sees me stuck on the end of a log and lovingly carries me down. That He heals my hurts, picks me up when I fall, brings me to places of rest, defends me from enemies, plans out and provides everything I need.

And somehow, He chooses His fluffy lambs to be indwelt by His Spirit and enter this broken world, this broken foster system, with the faces of lions because HE, The Shepherd, is with us.

The Lord is my Shepherd, I will not be in want.

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