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Yes, Jesus loves me

If our rocking chair had a odometer attached, I wonder what it would read. How many miles I have rocked on this emotional marathon of parenting and foster care.

Tonight I sat back in it's familiar soft embrace, with a little girl who is spunky and scrappy and has stolen my heart. She moved in last Sunday. We pray she will be ours forever.

She snuggled against me wrapped up in her blanket, drinking her evening bottle with heavy eyes.

Jesus loves me, this I know 
For the Bible tells me so.

My mind wanders as I sing the familiar words. I think about all the babies I have loved and rocked in this chair.

I think about the ones we loved fiercely and grieved their leaving so deeply it felt like a death. A private, uncomfortable grief that no one quite knows how to comfort you through. I miss them, our five boys - their absence weighs on me still. I start to count the years and wonder if little D is in preschool this year. Did he have his first day of school? How did it go? Was he brave an…