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Dear foster mama with the crazy eyes

You are not crazy. This system is legit crazy.

I know this feels like war. It is. But the people involved are not your enemy. Our battle is not against flesh and blood. Do not lose sight of that and try to fight against ones who will bleed from the war just like you do.

I know this feels out of control. It is not. Our God is the sovereign One who sits enthroned above the earth. Your times, her times, are in His hands. Rest in His sovereignty and His goodness and His grace. When you rest, you can laugh, you can enjoy the good gifts your Father has given today. Gifts like holding her, right now. Feel the weight of her in your arms. She is a gift. The way she looks at you, the way she trusts you, look to Him and trust Him like that.

I know this feels too much for you. It is. He did not design you to carry this weight alone. Do not try to make yourself seem bigger than you are- just rest in His bigness. Take one step at a time, knowing He is walking beside you and the mountains tremble at Hi…