Broken Goodbyes

We've had so many rushed goodbyes in foster care. Scrambling to write letters and print pictures and get a new Jesus Storybook Bible to send with our little ones as one last way to tell them how deeply loved they were from day one, that we will pray for them as they grow, and that our deepest prayer is that they come to know our good King Jesus. 

Today the tables are turned. Yesterday we scrambled to find a Bible and write a letter and print a picture- but it was for Wonder Girl's bio father's "goodbye visit." In this day of heartbreak it is all we can do- one way to tell him how deeply loved his daughter has been from day one, that we will pray for him as we watch her grow, and that our deepest prayer is that he find freedom and wholeness in our good King. 

There is beauty and brokenness in foster care and adoption. After surrendering his right to fight the motion for permanent custody, her bio dad told us through tears at court yesterday, "She is my first child. It wasn't supposed to be this way." No, no it wasn't. While there is beautiful redemption in adoption, it first comes with loss. Deep, terrible, searing loss. For both parent and child. 

We will pray for you. You have dignity and value and worth. Your life is so broken, but our Jesus is in the business of making broken ones whole. He did it for us. We pray He does the same for you.

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