Easter Eve: Waiting for the New Thing

Sometimes I wonder what this Easter-eve was like for Jesus' disciples. But, then I think the text doesn't need to spell it out for us- we already know.

We all know the pain and confusion of when God's plans don't unfold in the simple and tidy way we imagined them. We know the strange numbness of grief when it seems as though time has stood still. And also the disorienting feeling of needing to carry on with life.

They prepared spices and ointments- the only way they knew to show honor to their Jesus. And they rested on the Sabbath. It was the only thing they knew to do.

What do we do when we find ourself in the still and quiet grief of Saturday- when the impossible has happened, and we don't see how God could possibly work this out for His glory and our good?

We honor Jesus. We worship. We rest in Him. And we get ready for Him to do a new thing. 

The new thing might not be tomorrow. Or next year. Or ten years from now. But we are the resurrection people. We have already been transformed by the scandalous truth that our Jesus conquered sin and death and the grave - He has made us new and one day He will make ALL THINGS new. One day ALL tears will be wiped away. 

And while we wait for that day, wait in Hope. Hope of what has already been completed, hope of what is to come. 

Because He is not dead. Sunday is coming.

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