About Kristi

I'm just a girl woven by God, living and loving the adventure Jesus wrote for me. I'm so very thankful He is the author and I just get to be a character in His grand narrative!
  • I'm wife to NP - for the past 18 years. He keeps me steady and sane, won't let me quit when life gets hard, and makes me laugh. 
  • To 14 year old daughter AG, sons 12 year old LB and 9 year old BW, and spunky 3 year old daughter TE, I'm Mom - and also teacher at "Stephens Academy." These four are great treasures and I'm incredibly thankful for the privilege and responsibility of being their mom. 
  • To our church, I'm director of women's ministry. I love seeing women grow in their love for and fear of our great God as we dig into the Scripture together.
  • To five little boys, I'm foster mama who brought them home from the hospital. They won't remember me, but I had the privilege of imprinting on their little minds and hearts that they were safe and loved. They aren't in our home but they will always be in our hearts and prayers. How grateful we are that God brought TE into our home in 2018 and that she is now ours forever. 
  • To those who know me best, I'm clumsy, forgetful, and prone to spilling my coffee. 

I'm in pursuit of a greater love for Jesus. As a recovering Pharisee, God continues to teach me year by year just how deep my need for Him is, just how desperate I am for His grace.

Oh for grace to trust Him more.

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