Looking for a speaker for your church women's event?

Do you want to help the women in your church body to get past the surface and dig into the depths of God's Word? 
I am passionate about leading women into a deeper understanding of Scripture and a larger view of God, and it is my prayer that their lives will be forever changed as a result. I was trained as a Bible teacher at Cedarville University and over the past seventeen years have opened the Scriptures with teens and women of all ages in classrooms, retreats, Bible studies, and workshops.

 Click here for Kristi's speaker pageI am located in Northeastern Ohio and would be happy to discuss how to accommodate your church, whatever your budget. Feel free to contact me by email with any questions or inquiries. You can also find suggested speaking topics and other information listed on my speaker profile at womenspeakers.com.

  • "Kristi speaks with an urgency and a passion to awake women to the reality of what Christ has done on their behalf while she brings the scriptures alive. Her life reflects authentic devotion and her message compels people to live fully devoted lives for Christ." - Pastor Ryan Johnston, The Chapel in North Canton; North Canton, OH

  • “Kristi Stephens is an excellent Bible teacher.  She takes the stories of the Word, mingles them with stories from our everyday lives, and directs our attention to the God who lovingly calls us to commune with Him.  Women from all stages of life were encouraged by her honest and passionate teaching at our last Ladies’ Retreat.” - Christina Stark, Merrimack Valley Baptist Church; Merrimack, NH

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